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possibilities of human nature. Religious obser-
vances provide a frame that many find indispen-
sable for the seemly ordering of their lives.
And outside the ranks of "strict" observers many
good people with hardly more theology than a
Unitarian, love to speak of goodness and kindness
as Christianity. So-and-so is acc good Christian ".
Voltaire, says Alfred Noyes, the Catholic writer,
was a " good Christian ". I do not use the word
cc Christianity " in that sense because I do not
believe that Christians have any monopoly of
goodness. When I write of Christianity, I mean
Christianity with a definite creed and militant
organisation and not these good kind people,
good and kind but not very fastidious about the
exact use of words.
Such " good Christians" can be almost as
bitterly critical as I am of the continual pressure
upon the faithful by that inner group of Italians in
Rome, subsidised by the Fascist government, who
pull the strings of Church policy throughout the
world, so as to do this or that tortuous or un-
civilised thing, to cripple education, to persecute
unorthodox ways of living.
It is to the influence of the Church that we
must ascribe the foolish support by the British
Foreign Office of Franco, that murderous little
" Christian gentleman "5 in his overthrow of the